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Hi There!  My name is Suriana Cruz and many years ago I was interested in Mosdest fashion for girls and in a line of my own clothes today that dream comes true with Honey Love, which is a brand of exemplary styles to use my Honey Honey clothing line Focused on modest and dynamic fashion, so my products are a reflection of modest and elegant women.

My whole life has always dreamed of having my clothing company with my own brand, a few years ago starting my great dream by collaborating for very famous small fashion companies among the modesty community, that helped me to be able to do both. what I like most .... get very nice modest clothes and make publications about my little daily suits, I have to say that I was not constant in my publications since I have other authorities in my life I study  but he never stopped dreaming With the business in the early years of my career I thought a lot and my head went into a lot of doubts about what I really wanted for my future but I think I am not the only one who went through such a stage, I was somewhat frustrated and confused because I really loved my career but I aspired to something else and I wanted my daily hobby to become more than just a hobby but a dream come true in a serious job in which it could be the same as those And so I agree with having part-time jobs doing some collaborations on Instagram and joining some small fashion companies which can help me save enough money to achieve my great goal never leave my dream of a doctor, I decided to fight and not giving up and I have to say that it was very hard what required a lot, effort, dedication, commitment and passion. I remember that when I was little, my mom could say if you have dedication in what you do there will never be closed doors for opportunities, her words will help a lot in the development of HONEY LOVED Both parents greatly influenced the quality I will be eternally grateful to them for supporting this dream all the time. HONEY LOVED not only in a modest fashion company but also the clear example of the effort and dedication my dream helps many more dreams to understand that there is nothing impossible in this life and effort and dedication we can achieve or that is in our life. This year 2019 at the end of December I was finally able to start my small business by doing what I liked the most by finishing on January 18 and ending on January 20, 2020 I thank God for this great opportunity of my life that has allowed me to jump a ladder more and I ask wisdom to cope with this negotiation and continue climbing together through a fashion brand I hope you can enjoy your navigation through HONEY HONEY and you can find the comfort that all women look for a clothed 🖤















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