Suriana Cruz 

Suriana Cruz 

Owner, Creator & Founder 

Hi there! My name is suriana cruz and I am 21 years old im a student of  pediatric almost coming to my 3rd year of university I am owner, creator, founder and director of HONEY LOVED I have my fashion blogger in the I make many post about my daily life and some secrets of my life to very useful staff for many people I do collaborations with Instagram and with some online stores of modest fashion for a long time aroused my passion for fashion and of continuing to overcome and carry beyond modest fashion for ladies


If you want to know more about me I have many goals really and Honey Loved is the beginning of them there are many that I want to do and continue to share with you therefore I want to give all the love I have with you, I want my company to be not only mine , of you also honey loved was inspired by the beauty of the modest woman, I love to see how a Christian woman is distinguished in the world to be different and to be the light in the world. 1 Timothy 2: 9 tells us that women have to dress with modesty and modest clothes and my heart is filled with joy to see how Christian women can be the example of many and the inspiration to do something beautiful and pleasing to God. Something that caught my attention and inspired me even more to found Honey Loved was to know that the example of many modest women is really working in a world in which we sometimes believe that she is lost and to see that many women despite not being Christians still, follow the pure example of the Christian woman in caring for her modesty. That was my greatest inspiration is what I believe to create Honey Loved.

I know there are a lot of questions that you would like to ask so I have left a space where we can talk and ask any questions and if I can answer them I will answer them and post them here.

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